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Listening Inventory For Education - Revised

Using the LIFE-R will allow students (age 8+) to self-report the challenges they typically encounter in school listening situations and identify how they respond to these challenges. Student information is gathered for the purpose of developing individualized reports prioritizing challenging situations, specifying teacher accommodations and suggesting self-advocacy skill development in identified areas of need.

The version of the LIFE-R available on Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss allows the user to (1) log in with their email and complete the LIFE-R for each individual student and (2) generate individualized reports for each student, which can be downloaded to their computer for reference. Furthermore, the password used is protected in such a way that even we have no ability to decrypt it. Your student data is fully secure!

Introduction to LIFE‐R

Listening Inventory For Education – Revised - 4 Tools.

Before LIFE

Student Appraisal

After LIFE

Teacher Appraisal

The student LIFE‐R and the teacher LIFE‐R are meant to be used in concert as the tools provide a means to evaluate the effectiveness of classroom interventions and provide a framework for self advocacy. All of the tools can be used alone however, depending on the depth of information desired.

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Construction of the LIFE‐R Inventories

The intent of the student three part inventory was to identify representative situations in a classroom and self advocacy/social situations which could interfere with listening. It was designed to be used by the individual student with support from school personnel with expertise in deaf/hard of hearing issues. It is primarily intended for grade 3 through high school although Before LIFE‐R and After LIFE‐R questions can be addressed in a discussion format with younger students to obtain information regarding their perception and levels of awareness of classroom listening challenges and resulting responses to missing information.

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